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MiN NEW YORK is a New York City based fragrance label
designed to represent a lifestyle wrapped in scent.
Chad Murawczyk founded MiN NEW YORK- MiN, short for
the ever elusive New York minute- in 1999, which has
since grown into a coveted global luxury brand with a
focus on fragrance to better define lifestyle.

The brand's cult favorite Scent Stories fragrances
are created to allow those to heighten their best
self without compromising authenticity. Produced in
Grasse, France, a town nestled in the foothills of
the French Riviera, each fragrance is skillfully
designed with the purpose of illuminating the path to
a well lived life.

An instant perfume of choice among the global jet
set, creative thought leaders and trendsetters in the
fashion industry, MiN NEW YORK's fragrances capture
the juxtaposition of power and beauty through scent.
Discover the full fragrance range below, available in Jordan through the Official Distributer, SAMCO, and through Scenti and Senses by SAMCO stores.