Aromatics In White Eau De Parfum

Aromatics In White

Aromatics In White Perfume by Clinique, Aromatics In White perfume draws inspiration from an older fragrance from Clinique: Aromatics Elixir.

This particular perfume came out in November of 2014, and applying it to pulse points leads to a magical sensation.

It opens with the powerful aroma of Sichuan pepper.

This leads to soft notes consisting of labdanum and violet leaf.

The base ends the composition with a feminine touch of rose and orange blossom. It will feel like a breezy summer afternoon when you wear this fragrance.

Top Note: violet leaves, labdanum, sichuan pepper. Heart Note: citrus blossom, rose, patchouli. Base Note: amber, musk, styrax balsam, vanilla

Aromatics In White