Re-Nutriv Ultimate Renewal Nourishing Radiance Creme 50ML

Experience extraordinary renewal. Awaken your skin's radiant blush.

Skin feels smoother, bouncier and more plumped-cushioned with all-day nourishment. Skin looks healthy, vibrant, glowing.

At the heart of the exquisite Ultimate Renewal formulas are some of nature's most precious and powerful renewing resources:

 Active bio-oils blended to cushion skin in deep nourishment and soothing comfort.

 Snow Lotus Extract to awaken skin's radiant blush from within.

This intensively renewing Crème plumps skin with deep and lasting nourishment, restoring its soft touch and supple bounce.

Fine lines appear minimized. Pores look reduced. A visible radiance is revealed.

Ideal For:

• Dryness, dehydration

• Dullness, loss of radiance

• Fine, dry lines

• Restoring delicate skin

• Reducing the look of pores