Ginger Lime Eau de Parfum 100ML

The citrus notes of lime meet the spicy ones of white pepper and the sparkling ones of ginger to create a fresh and exuberant perfume.
Ginger Lime makes the wearer's style fresh, energetic and captivating.

Every country visited is linked to the memory of emotions and perfumes.
Many years ago, during a trip to Brazil, Maestro Paolo Vranjes associated the scent of lime with the Caipirinha.
This perfume recalls the cocktail that soon became famous all over the world.

Main Scent: Citrus

Sensation: Energizing

Category: Eau De Parfum

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Useful Advice:

Usage: Spray the perfume from a distance of at least 10 cm from the skin. Warning: Do not spray on the face or on parts of the body exposed to the sun. Do not expose the perfume to heat sources.