Gentle florals underpinned by richer depths
The opal’s unique patterns inspire the human imagination. Look
into an opal, and you will discover your creative powers.
Like the shimmer of an opal, Signature Opal inspires as it fills your
senses. Gentle notes of jasmine, rose and ylang ylang float above
rimusk, tonka beans and
dark cherry heliotrope blooMOISTURE SURGE.

Scent Type: Floral

Top Notes: Musk, Tonka beans and heliotrope .

Heart Notes: Ylang-ylang .

Base Notes: Tonka bean . 

The power of scent lies in its unknowability. You can touthe finest brocade. You can gaze out over a Mediterranean seascape. You can taste a foie gras as it melts in your mouth. But the hit of a heady scent takes you by surprise.

The Sillage d’Orient Signature Collection is a celebration of this unspoken connection. In eafragrance - as in that special gem - we find a piece of ourselves.

Discover the fragrance that is meant to be, for you.

The Signature Collection by Sillage d’Orient: Perfectly formed. Completely you.